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Located within RenewMD Beauty and Wellness Medical Spa 


Welcome to Nicole's Electrolysis where we provide professional, safe, and personalized services for all hair and skin types.  If you’re looking for the best solutions for your hair concerns - you’ve come to the right place! Text or email us today and book a complimentary 30 minute consultation meeting.

Who Gets Electrolysis?

Many people around the world struggle with excessive or undesired hair. For some it may impact their social life or self confidence, and for others the hair may be medically necessary to remove before an operation. Sometimes hair may be the results of hormonal changes throughout life or even an underlying medical condition such as PCOS. Electrolysis is also well known to offer lasting outcomes for the transgender community. Regardless of circumstance, Nicole's Electrolysis offers effective and permanent results. 

What is Electrolysis?

Electrolysis is the only FDA approved method for permanent hair removal. It is the process of gently inserting into each follicle and causing damage with a micro-current to the hair-growth cells, without changes to the skin. Originating in 1875, this tried and true method for permanent hair removal has only improved with modern technology. Electrolysis is effective on all skin types and areas of the body, including sensitive locations.


400 Plaza Dr Suite 140, Folsom, CA 95630

​(209) 294 - 0634

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