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  • What does electrolysis feel like?
    Individual tolerances vary amongst people. With proper settings, nearly everybody can tolerate whatever discomfort treatment may bring.
  • How long will my hair removal process take?
    The number of treatments necessary will vary client to client, there will always be a series of treatments. Some important factors are the size of the treatment area, coarseness of the hair, and also the hair growth cycle. Hormone changes may also be of influence for some. Regardless, following the treatment plan will attain optimal and most efficient results.
  • What are some pre-treatment recommendations?
    It's recommended to avoid caffeine intake before your treatment. Make sure the hair is long enough to treat (about 3 days of growth).
  • Is electrolysis expensive?
    The cost for electrolysis is on par with other similar services, but considering the results of true permanency, the cost is nominal.
  • Why choose electrolysis instead of other temporary methods of hair removal?
    Methods such as waxing, tweezing, or threading can cause ingrown hairs, skin discoloration, and even an increase in hair growth activity. Electrolysis is the only true method for permanent hair removal.
  • How much will electrolysis cost?
    Price per session varies in length between 15 Minutes at $55, 30 Minutes at $75, and 60 minutes at $140. The number of total sessions necessary to clear an area will depend on factors such as size of treatment area and coarseness of the hair. For example, clearing an undesired middle brow would be much quicker than clearing a full chin.
  • Are there different kinds of electrolysis?
    Yes, there are three different methods of Electrolysis; Galvanic, Thermolysis, and The Blend. All three modalities are safe and effective. Galvanic – Direct current (DC). This is a chemical method that utilizes a direct current to convert normal body salt and water in the follicle into a compound capable of destroying the dermal papilla. The chemical is produced only in the follicle and does not affect any other area. Thermolysis – Alternating current (AC), sometimes referred to as high frequency or short-wave: This is a method that uses a high-frequency current to produce heat in the hair follicle. This heat destroys the dermal papilla. The Blend Method (also referred to as Dual Modality): The Blend method combines both currents (sequentially or simultaneously) in the same probe. Thermolysis enhances the action of the galvanic method to produce a faster process.
  • What is the difference between laser hair removal and electrolysis?
    Electrolysis is the only FDA approved method for permanent hair removal and works for all hair and skin types. Laser hair removal is a useful tool in reducing hair in broad areas for some, but may not work for all hair or skin types. Laser can miss the white, blonde, or grey hairs that bother so many of us. Laser also lacks the same true permanency that electrolysis has.
  • What are some post-treatment side effects?
    Brief side effects may include mild redness, but overall the side effects are pretty minimal for treatments. Nicole will answer any of your questions and provide you with recommendations for proper post treatment care.
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